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You must have an active 6-Digit Account Number with Pardon Applications of Canada to proceed with Pardon fingerprint steps using the accredited consent forms & details below.  If you do not yet have a 6-digit Account Number, schedule a call (START a NEW option) to activate your Pardon application first.

The next step in your Pardon application process is to complete ALL THREE (3) Pardon Fingerprint Steps below. Once completed, your fingerprint results will be sent electronically from the facility you attend to the Civil Fingerprint Screening Service (CFSS) in Ottawa (an RCMP division), where a nationwide background check attached to your fingerprints will be completed. This is required by law for your Pardon application. If you do not complete ALL 3 steps, your Pardon application may not advance to its next phase or there may be delays. 


Click to download & print your Pardon Fingerprint Consent form. Fill out the date, your full name, sign & bring this form to your fingerprinting facility or detachment. This will authorize the results of your fingerprints to be forwarded directly to Pardon Applications of Canada, saving time in your application process.  NOTE:  Due to recent privacy laws, some facilities or detachments may not accept or use your fingerprint consent form, insisting that the results be mailed to you directly — that is OK. If you do receive your fingerprint results directly, mail the original documents to Pardon Applications of Canada, 440 Laurier Avenue West, Suite 200, Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 7X6 to advance your Pardon application. 

Are you ALSO applying for a U.S. Waiver? If so, you can get both sets of fingerprints done at the same time. Download & print your U.S. Waiver Fingerprint Consent form as well. You will get 2 sets of fingerprints and use BOTH consent forms.


Contact a private fingerprint company accredited by the RCMP to complete your fingerprints. If you have trouble locating a company in this list, try searching online or contact your local RCMP or police detachment. Explain that you are seeking a set of digital (LIVESCAN or CARDSCAN) Pardon fingerprints. 

What to Bring
1. Your Pardon Fingerprint Consent Form (and Waiver consent form, if also applying for a Waiver).
2. Two (2) pieces of valid (not expired) government issued identification (at least 1 must be a photo-ID);
3. The fee charged by the facility or detachment.

What to Bring Home with You
1. Name, address and details of the facility you attended.
2. The DCN# for each set of fingerprints you obtained (optional)


Once your fingerprints have been completed, submit the Fingerprint Completion Form below. This immediately informs Pardon Applications of Canada that your fingerprints have been completed, advancing your file to the next step. Expect to receive a detailed email update within 48 hours.

Fingerprint Completion Form

  • Submit the form below to confirm completion of your fingerprints with Pardon Applications of Canada.
  • Your Account Number is in the subject of every email or text sent to you by PAC.
  • The exact date your fingerprints were completed.
    DD dash MM dash YYYY
  • Enter the name and address of the facility or detachment you attended to complete your fingerprints.
  • The 20-digit DCN# of your completed Pardon fingerprints. If you don't have this number, leave blank.
  • The 20-digit DCN# of your completed Waiver fingerprints. If you don't have this number, leave blank.
  • Share your experience at the facility or detachment. Examples: how were you treated, was the information provided accurate, were there any issues, did someone try to "sell" you something etc.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.